750w 1HP PowerFlex 40 AC Drives, 22B-D2P3N104.380-480V AC – 3-Phase Input,0-460V 3-Phase Output.the smallest and most cost-effective VFD in the world.






22B-D2P3N104PowerFlex 4 and 40 AC Drives 22B-D2P3N104

the Allen-Bradley  PowerFlex  4 and 40 AC drives are the smallest and most cost-effective members of the PowerFlex® family of drives.

which are designed to meet global OEM and end-user demands for flexibility, space savings, ease of use and are cost-effective alternatives for speed control of applications such as machine tools, fans, pumps and conveyors and material handling systems.

22B-D2P3N104 Datasheet

Output Ratings 0…460V 3-Phase Output
kW (HP) 0.75 (1.0)
Amps 2.3
Input Ratings 380…480V AC – 3-Phase Input,
Voltage Range 342…528
kVA 2.3
Amps 3.2
Branch Circuit Protection
Fuses (2) 6
140M Motor Protectors 140M-C2E-B40
Contactors 100-C07
Name PowerFlex 40 AC Drives
Model No: 22b-d2p3n104
Price: USD 300
Packing Details: Standard
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Place of Origin: USA
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Delivery Time: 3 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT or Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 PCs

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