Panasonic PLC (Programming Logic Controller) is made by Panasonic Electric Works,and also called Nais PLC.

Panasonic PLCFirst of all,it is a reliable, cost-effective product in automation control market.

It has most popular models series,such as FPX,FP0,FP0R,and FPX0.

Panasonic PLC Products Line-up

Panasonic PLC Line-up


Panasonic PLC FP72.FP7

  • EtherNet/IP compatibility
  • Cassette system reduces unit cost and footprint
  • enable collection of information.
  • Communicating with up to 220 equipment units
  • Easy multiple concurrent logging
  • Protection of log data

Panasonic PLC FP-X03. FP-X0

  • Super-high Processing Speed  580 ns/step
  • Program Memory  8 k steps
  • The Maximum Number of I/O Points 150 points



Panasonic PLC FP0R4. FP0R

  • Industry’s First* Battery-less automatic backup of all data
  • Multi-axis (4-axis) control is available without expansion units.
  • Equipped with RS485 port
  • Fastest in its class*1 Ultra-high speed processing
  • Large capacity independent comment memory

5. FP-e

Panasonic PLC FP-X Seires6.FP-X

  • High-speed Operation
  • Large Capacity Program Memory
  • Independent Comment Memory
  • Maximum Number of I/O Points




9. FP0

Products parts of Panasonic programming logic controller:I/O connector, cable, extension module.function module.

what is Panasonic programming software?

Panasonic programmable Software:Control FPwin Pro7,Control FPwin GR,Control FPwin GR.

If you want to download the software for free?please click here.


C# also can be a programmable language for Panasonic PLC,want to know how to use? you can click:

Data communication between PLC and PC using SerialPort control in C#.NET environment

Because the way is to use serial port control connecting PLC to PC,therefore it’s easy communicating and full reliability and effectively.

In conclusion communication method: PROFIBUS Ethernet Tcp/IP Modbus CC-link S-link Canopen etc.

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The main application of our Products:

Panasonic PLC Application

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