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cqm1CQM1H Features

  • Supports all existing and new CQM1 I/O

and specialized I/O modules

  • 4 different base CPUs to choose from; 16 DC inputs built in; expands up to 512 points
  • Up to 15.2k words of program memory
    • Advanced instruction set includes PID,
  • floating point math, protocol macro instructions and more.

Products FEATURES 

CQM1 CPU UNITSThe CQM1 is a compact, high speed PC made up of a CPU Unit, Power Supply Unit, and 1/0 Units that together provide up to 256 total 1/0 points. These compo nents lock together at the sides, allowing simple changes in the size and capac ity of the PC. There are six types of CPU Unit, shown in the table below. All of the CPU Units except for the CQM1 CPU11 E have a built in RS 232C interface.





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Ordering Information

Specifications International standards Part number
Memory capacity Max. I/O capacity Built-in inputs Built-in

RS-232C port

Support of Inner Boards Support of Con- troller Link Unit
Program: 3.2 kwords DM area: 3 kwords 256 points 16 DC


No No No U, C, N, CE CQM1H-CPU11
Program: 7.2 kwords DM area: 6 kwords 512 points Yes Yes CQM1H-CPU51
Program: 15.2 kwords DM area: 6 kwords EM area: 6 kwords CQM1H-CPU61


Item Specifications International standards Part number
Rated voltage Allowed voltage range Output capacity Service power supply
AC power supply units 100 to

240 VAC,

50/60 Hz

85 to 265 VAC 18 W None U, C, N, L, CE CQM1-PA203
30 W 24 VDC, 0.5 A U, C, L, N CQM1-PA206
110/230 VAC,

50/60 Hz

80 to 138 VAC

160 to 276 VAC

30 W 24 VDC, 0.5 A CE CQM1-PA216
DC power supply units 24 VDC 20 to 28 VDC 30 W U, C, N, L, CE CQM1-PD026


Input Modules

Input type Number of inputs Input voltage Input current Common type Connector type International standards Part number
DC inputs 8 12 to 24 VDC 10 mA Independent Terminal block U, C, N, L, CE CQM1-ID211
16 12 VDC 6 mA Shared U, C CQM1-ID111
24 VDC U, C, N, L, CE CQM1-ID212
32 12 VDC 4 mA Shared Connector U, C CQM1-ID112
24 VDC U, C, N, L, CE CQM1-ID213
AC inputs 8 100 to 120 VAC 5 mA Shared Terminal block U, C, L, CE CQM1-IA121
200 to 240 VAC 6 mA CQM1-IA221

Output Modules

Output type Number of outputs Max. switching voltage Max. switch- ing current Common type Connector type International standards Part number
Contact outputs 8 250 VAC,

24 VDC

2 A Independent Terminal block U, C, N, L CQM1-OC221
16 Shared CQM1-OC222
8 Independent CE CQM1-OC224
Transistor 8 24 VDC 2 A (NPN) Shared (fused) Terminal block U, C, N, L, CE CQM1-OD211
16 0.3 A (NPN) CQM1-OD212
32 0.1 A (NPN) Connector CQM1-OD213
Transistor 8 24 VDC 1 A (PNP) Shared (fused) Terminal block U, C, L, CE CQM1-OD215
16 0.3 A (PNP) CQM1-OD214
32 0.5 A (PNP) Connector CE CQM1-OD216
Triac 8 240 VAC 0.4 A Shared (short circuit pro- tected Terminal block U, C, L CQM1-OA221
6 CE CQM1-OA222

Other Functions

Item Specification
Macro instructions Subroutines called by instructions containing arguments.
Min. cycle time 1 to 9,999 ms (Unit: 1 ms)
Load OFF All outputs on Output Units can be turned OFF when the CPU Unit is operating in RUN, MONITOR, or PRO- GRAM mode. (Used for stopping output in emergencies, for debugging, etc.)
Mode setting at power-up Possible
Debugging Forced set/reset, differential monitoring, data tracing (scheduled, cyclic, or when instruction is executed).
Error check User-defined errors (i.e., user can define fatal errors and non-fatal errors using the FAL(06) and FALS(07) in- structions.) (It is possible to stop operation using FALS(07) for fatal errors.

User-defined error logs can be created in specific bits (logging) when using FAL(06).

Error log Up to 10 errors (including user-defined errors) are stored in the error log. Information includes the error code, error details, and the time the error occurred.

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