Panasonic High Performance & Capacity FP2SH

  • Scanning time of 1 ms for 20 k steps

The program of 20 k steps can be executed in 1 ms. The result is a
dramatically decreased tact time and high-speed device.

  • Large programming capacity of up to 120 k steps.

Both the large programming capacities of 32 k, 60 k and 120 k are available
depending on the model.

  • Optional small PC card is also available.

The small PC card is available for programming backup or data memory
expansion. This allows data processing of great amounts of data.

  • Built-in comment and calendar timer functions.

These functions, options with the FP2, are built right into the FP2SH.
* The I/O units and intelligent units are the same for the FP2 series.

Panasonic PLC FP2SH

Panasonic PLC price list of FP2SHFP2SH CPU UNIT


FP2-C1 US$530
FP2-C1D US$852
FP2-C1A US$1,242
FP2-BP05 US$101
FP2-BP07 US$170
FP2-BP09 US$199
FP2-BP012 US$255
FP2-BP014 US$286
FP2-EC US$89
FP2-PSA2 US$202
FP2-PSA3 US$339
FP2-PSD2 US$345
FP2-X16D2 US$163
FP2-X32D2 US$270
FP2-X64D2 US$350
FP2-Y6R US$184
FP2-Y16R US$230
FP2-Y16T US$191
FP2-Y32T US$278
FP2-Y64T US$371
FP2-XY64D2T US$386
FP2-XY64D7T US$406
FP2-PP2 US$856
FP2-PP4 US$1,275
FP2-AD8 US$677
FP2-DA4 US$609
FP2-MW US$735
FP2-SDU US$680
FP2-CCU US$680
FP2-PXYT US$1,124
FP2-ET1 US$1,649
FP2-EM1 US$99
FP2-EM2 US$152
FP2-EM3 US$197
FP2-EM4 US$27
FP2-EM5 US$28
FP2-EM6 US$98
FP2-EM7 US$64
FP2-DM US$25