Panasonic PLC (Programming Logic Controller) is made by Panasonic Electric Works,and also called Nais PLC.
Panasonic PLCFirst of all,it is a reliable, cost-effective product in automation control market.

It has most popular models series,such as FPX,FP0,FP0R,and FPX0.

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Panasonic PLC Products Line-up

Panasonic PLC Line-up


Panasonic PLC FP72.FP7

  • EtherNet/IP compatibility
  • Cassette system reduces unit cost and footprint
  • enable collection of information.
  • Communicating with up to 220 equipment units
  • Easy multiple concurrent logging
  • Protection of log data

Panasonic PLC FP-X03. FP-X0

  • Super-high Processing Speed  580 ns/step
  • Program Memory  8 k steps
  • The Maximum Number of I/O Points 150 points

Panasonic PLC FP0R4. FP0R

  • Industry’s First* Battery-less automatic backup of all data
  • Multi-axis (4-axis) control is available without expansion units.
  • Equipped with RS485 port
  • Fastest in its class*1 Ultra-high speed processing
  • Large capacity independent comment memory

5. FP-e

Panasonic PLC FP-X Seires6.FP-X

  • High-speed Operation
  • Large Capacity Program Memory
  • Independent Comment Memory
  • Maximum Number of I/O Points



9. FP0

Products parts of Panasonic programming logic controller:I/O connector, cable, extension module.function module.

what is Panasonic programming software?

Panasonic programmable Software:Control FPwin Pro7,Control FPwin GR,Control FPwin GR.

If you want to download the software for free?please click here.

Panasonic PLC Software Download Free

  1. FPWINPro


C# also can be a programmable language for Panasonic PLC,want to know how to use? you can click:

Data communication between PLC and PC using SerialPort control in C#.NET environment

Because the way is to use serial port control connecting PLC to PC,therefore it’s easy communicating and full reliability and effectively.

In conclusion communication method: PROFIBUS Ethernet Tcp/IP Modbus CC-link S-link Canopen etc.

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The main application of our Products:

Panasonic PLC Application

Panasonic /Sunx Sensors

 FX-501-C2 fiber amplifiers US$32.95
 Fiber FD-R41 Sensor FD-R41 New & OriginUS$68.18
 New & Origin  Panasonic  Laser  Sensor EX-L261US$125.00
 EX-31A New & Origin   Panasonic photoelectric  switch   EX-31AUS$59.09
MS-NA1-1 NA1-11/NA1-PK5/NA1-5/NA2-N Series  MS-NA1-1US$11.36
 MS-NA3-N16  Sensor NA2-N16 MS-NA3-N16US$72.73
 FX2-A3R-LED  SUNX  Sensor FX2-A3R-LEDUS$215.91
 LS-H91 Laser  Sensor LS-H91 New & Origin  US$165.91
 HG-C1050-P PNP   Laser  Sensor HG-C1050-P PNPUS$272.73
 Sensor PX-24ES  PX-24ES  New & Origin  US$293.18
 SF4C-H12 Sensor SF4C-H12US$636.36
 SFB-CCB3 SF4B-H12/16/20/24/32 US$50.00
 FT-Z30  US$54.55
FT-46 fibre-optical FT-46 US$11.36
 FD-R31G  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-R31G  New & Origin  US$43.18
 EX-43   photoelectric  Sensor EX-43  US$56.82
  EX-26A-PN photoelectric  Sensor  EX-26A-PN New & Origin   PNPUS$68.18
 EX-44  photoelectric  Sensor EX-44 SUNX photoelectric  switch  EX-44US$61.36
 NX5-D700B  photoelectric  Sensor NX5-D700B US$36.36
 EX-13B-PN PNP  EX-13BD-PN/EX-13P New & Origin  US$50.00
 MS-NA3 NA1-PK5/NA1-5 MS-NA3US$20.45
 CA2-T4  Sensor CA2-T4  US$397.73
   Laser  Sensor  HL-G105-S-J  US$715.91
 HG-SC111  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HG-SC111 US$227.27
 NA40-8  Sensor NA40-8(NA40-MUD/MUP NA40-4EUD/4EUP)US$340.91
 NA1-PK3-PN SUNX  Sensor NA1-PK3D/PK3P-PN  US$181.82
 NA1-PK5( NA1-PK5D/NA1-PK5P)  Sensor NA1-PK5US$122.73
 PX-21  Sensor PX-21 Sensor AGV PX-21US$245.45
 SF4B-H40(V2)  Sensor SF4B-H40US$909.09
  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H12 SF4B-H12D/H12E(V2) New & Origin  US$363.64
 FT-A11  SUNX  fibre-optical  Sensor FT-A11US$59.09
 FT-43  SUNX  fibre-optical  Sensor  FT-43 M4  fibre-optical  US$36.36
 photoelectric  Sensor  EX-19A EX-19AD EX-19P US$56.82
 EX-14B SUNX  photoelectric  switch  EX-14BUS$25.00
 EX-13B(EX-13BD/13P)  photoelectric Sensor (EX-13BD+EX-13P)US$25.00
 EX-11EB= EX-11EBD+ EX-11EP SUNX  photoelectricUS$29.55
NA40-4EUP NA40-4EUP SUNX  Sensor NA40-4EUPUS$134.09
 NX5-PRVM5B  SUNX  photoelectric  Sensor  NX5-PRVM5BUS$45.45
 PX-SB1 Sensor PX-24/PX-24ES PX-SB1US$68.18
LX-101-P PNP  Sensor LX-101-P US$143.18
 SF4B-H24  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H24D/H24EUS$500.00
 MS-SFB-1  Light Curtain SF4B-H20/H24/H16 MS-SFB-1US$29.55
SF4B-H16(V2) SUNX  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H16D/EUS$363.64
  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HL-C203BE  HL-C203BE New & Origin  US$1,772.73
 PM-L65-P  photoelectric  Sensor PM-L65-P US$10.23
 FX-501P PNP FX-301PUS$50.00
 NA40-10 Light Curtain  Sensor NA40-10(MUD/MUP/4SUD/4SUP/2EUD/2EUP)US$420.45
 CX-481  photoelectric  Sensor CX-481US$34.09
  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-A18(V2) SF4B-A18 New & Origin  US$659.09
 GX-3S  Proximity  Sensor GX-3SUS$45.45
 SFB-CCB10 SF4B-H12/16/20/24/32  SFB-CCB10US$90.91
 NA2-N8-PN SUNX  NA2-N8D-PN/NA2-N8P-PN US$147.73
  FX-MR2 FX-MR2  New & Origin  fibre-optical  US$28.41
  PM-F45 PM-F44 photoelectric  Sensor PM-F45US$6.59
 GX-F6A SUNX  Proximity  Sensor GX-F6A New & Origin  US$20.00
  Sensor CX-422-P  CX-422-P PNPUS$32.95
 FT-A32  fibre-optical  Sensor FT-A32 FT-A32US$250.00
 PM-L45/T45/L65/Y65/T65/F65  photoelectric  Sensor PM-L65US$5.68
 DP-101-M-P/DP-102-M-P   Pressure Sensor DP-101-M-PUS$56.82
 GX-5M  Proximity  Sensor GX-5MUS$47.73
  Sensor GD-10   GD-10 GD-10D/GD-10P New & Origin  US$122.73
 NA2-N20-PN SUNX NA2-N20D/N20P-PN  output PNPUS$295.45
 EX-11B=EX-11BD+EX-11P SUNX  Sensor (EX-11BD/EX-11P)US$27.27
 FX-101P-CC2  FX-101P-CC2  output PNPUS$45.45
   Sensor EQ-34-PN-J EQ-34-PN-JUS$86.36
 SF4C-H8  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4C-H8US$477.27
  Pressure Sensor DP-102 DP-102US$29.55
 EX-11EB-PN  EX-11EBD-PN/EX-11EPUS$52.27
  CX-441-P photoelectric  switch  CX-441-P  Sensor  US$32.95
Panasonic  Amplifier FX-100FX-500  Series  CN-73-C5US$11.36
 GX-5S   Proximity  Sensor   SUNX  Proximity  Sensor  NPN output GX-5SUS$55.68
 GX-HL15A    Sensor GX-HL15A New & Origin  US$32.95
 DP-102-M-P  Pressure Sensor DP-102-M-P New & Origin  US$65.91
 SF4B-H32(V2)  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H32(V2)US$590.91
EQ-511  Sensor EQ-511 EQ-511 New & Origin  US$102.27
 CX-483SUNX CX-483 New & Origin  US$39.77
 CX-412-P( CX-412D-P/CX-412E) SUNX Sensor CX-412-PUS$30.68
 NA2-N28-PN PNP output SUNX NA2-N28D/N28P-PNUS$409.09
 EX-31B New & Origin   Panasonic photoelectric  switch   EX-31BUS$56.82
  fibre-optical FD-E23  Sensor FD-E23  New & Origin  US$61.36
   Sensor EQ-34-PN EQ-34-PN正品  US$68.18
  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-42G  FD-42G  New & Origin  FD-42GUS$29.55
 HG-C1400-P PNP output   Laser  Displacement  Sensor HG-C1400-PUS$284.09
 FD-41  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-41US$19.32
 Panasonic FD-33G  fibre-optical  Sensor   fibre-optical US$12.50
  fibre-optical FD-30 FD-30US$50.00
 EX-32A  photoelectric  Sensor EX-32AUS$47.73
 GX-F8B  Proximity  Sensor US$15.91
 FD-EG30S  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-EG30SUS$43.86
 GX-112MLKA  Proximity  Sensor GX-112MLKAUS$20.00
 NA40-14  Light Curtain  Sensor NA40-14 NA40-MUD+NA40-MUPUS$522.73
 FD-S32 fibre-optical FD-S32 US$31.82
 FX-MR6  New & Origin  FX-MR6US$45.45
 SF4B-H24-01(V2)  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H24-01(V2)US$704.55
 Proximity  Sensor PNP output  GX-112MKA-P US$22.73
 Laser  Displacement  Sensor HL-G108A-RA-C5US$1,136.36
 HL-C2CCJ2 HL-C2CE和HL-C203BE上US$147.73
 EX-31A-PN  photoelectric  Sensor EX-31A-PNPNP output US$75.00
Laser  Displacement HL-C2CE HL-C2CEUS$1,363.64
 Panasoni   photoelectric  switch   EX-13A-PN  EX-13AD-PN EX-13PUS$63.64
 DP-101-E-P  Pressure Sensor DP-101-E-PUS$55.68
  Sensor CX-491-Z  CX-491-Z New & Origin  US$63.64
 CX-462A-C05  New & Origin  US$22.73
 FT-R41W  fibre-optical  Sensor FT-R41WUS$88.64
  Light Curtain NA40-4  Sensor NA40-4 NA40-MUD/MUPUS$284.09
 EQ-512  photoelectric  Sensor EQ-512US$102.27
  Sensor NA40-8/10/20 NA40-CC3  NA40-CC3US$59.09
 DP-002  Pressure Sensor DP-002US$21.59
  Sensor FD-L51 fibre-opticalUS$136.36
 Panasonic ER-VW US$613.64
 NA2-N16 SUNX  Sensor NA2-N16D/NA2-N16P US$154.55
 DP-102A-E-P  Pressure Sensor DP-102A-E-PUS$77.27
 FX-102-CC2  FX-102-CC2US$34.09
 CX-482  Sensor  Sensor CX-482US$34.09
 HL-G112-A-C5  Laser  Sensor HL-G112-A-C5 US$750.00
 Sensor ER-F12SA ER-F12SAUS$227.27
  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HL-G103-A-C5  HL-G103-A-C5US$704.55
 EX-11EA-PN SUNX  photoelectric  Sensor EX-11EAD-PN/EX-11EP PNPUS$56.82
  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HL-G103-S-J  HL-G103-S-JUS$681.82
  Sensor RX-M50 SUNX RX-M50D/RX-M50EUS$227.27
 PM-U25  Sensor PM-U25 PM-U24US$6.82
 CN-14A-C1 CN-14A-C1US$4.55
 PM-R65  Sensor PM-R65 PM-R64US$6.82
 GX-N18M  Sensor GX-N18MUS$54.55
 MS-DP1-1  Pressure Sensor DP-101/DP-102US$2.50
 EX-13B= EX-13BD+EX-13P SUNX photoelectric  Sensor EX-13BUS$25.00
 PNP output HG-C1200-P  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HG-C1200-PUS$295.45
GX-4S  Sensor GX-4SGX-4SUS$84.09
 EX-L212  Laser  Sensor EX-L212D/EX-L212EUS$113.64
  Sensor FD-V50   fibre-optical FD-V50US$79.55
  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HL-G108-S-J  HL-G108-S-J US$727.27
 SF4B-A28(v2)  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-A28(v2)  Light Curtain  Sensor US$1,045.45
 New & Origin    Sensor NA1-PK5/NA1-PK3 Sensor US$147.73
 NA2-N24  NA2-N24D NA2-N24P  New & Origin  US$238.64
 DP-102-M-P  Pressure Sensor DP-102-M-PUS$57.95
 NA1-5-PN  NA1-5-PN( NA1-5D-PN/NA1-5P-PN)PNP出US$159.09
 FX-102-CC2  New & Origin  US$39.77
 FD-R31G  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-R31GUS$43.18
  photoelectric  Sensor EX-32B SUNX  photoelectric  Sensor EX-32BUS$65.91
 EX-L261  Laser  Sensor EX-L261US$125.00
 EX-11EB=EX-11EBD+EX-11EP  photoelectric  Sensor EX-11EBUS$29.55
 DP-102A-M-P  Pressure Sensor DP-102A-M-PUS$75.00
 NA40-6  Light Curtain  Sensor NA40-6(NA40-MUD+NA40-MUP+2EUP+2EUDUS$306.82
 EX-11A(EX-11AD/EX-11P)  SUNX Sensor EX-11AD  EX-11PUS$27.27
SF2C-H12-N  Light Curtain  Sensor SF2C-H12-N New & Origin  US$522.73
 CX-425  photoelectric  Sensor CX-425 New & Origin  SUNX photoelectric  switch  CX-425US$25.00
  New & Origin   SU-7  photoelectric  Sensor photoelectric  switch    SUNXUS$81.82
 MS-DP1-5  Pressure Sensor DP-101/102/101A/102A US$5.68
 MS-HG-01 HG-C1030/HG-C1200/HG-C1400 US$12.50
 CX-444 SUNX  photoelectric  Sensor CX-444US$29.55
 CX-423-P SUNX  Sensor CX-423-P US$45.45
  NA2-N12-PN NA2-N12D-PN NA2-N12P-PN output PNPUS$181.82
  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-EG31  FD-EG31US$70.45
 GH-5SE  Sensor GH-5SE New & Origin  US$63.64
 FT-E13  Pressure Sensor FT-E13FT-E13US$102.27
 EX-31B-PN  photoelectric  Sensor EX-31B-PNUS$79.55
 CX-422 SUNX  Sensor CX-422 photoelectric CX-422 New & Origin  US$18.86
 HL-G1CCJ2 /HL-G1CCJ2 US$100.00
 CX-411-Z含 CX-411D-Z/CX-411E-ZUS$79.55
  Sensor CX-421-P-Z  CX-421-P-Z   New & Origin  US$72.73
  Sensor GA-311   New & Origin  GA-311US$43.18
正品panasonic FT-S21 fibre-optical  Sensor US$30.68
 CX-424 SUNX  Sensor CX-424  photoelectric CX-424US$18.64
 CX-423  photoelectric  Sensor CX-423US$28.41
 FT-S32  fibre-optical  Sensor FT-S32US$34.09
 RF-230  Sensor CX-491 CX-481US$9.09
 NA2-N28  NA2-N28D/NA2-N28PUS$284.09
 CX-481-P  output PNP photoelectric  Sensor CX-481-P  SUNXCX-481-PUS$50.00
 SF4B-H20-01  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H20-01US$613.64
 NA2-N8D/N8P-PN  NA2-N8-PN  US$147.73
 FP-XH M4T16T AFPXHM4T16T-FUS$522.73
Panasonic    Proximity  switch   GX-130MLAUS$20.45
NA1-5 SUNX  Sensor NA1-5D/NA1-5P NA1-5US$118.18
 NA40-12  Light Curtain  Sensor NA40-12US$522.73
SF4B-F39 V2 Light Curtain  Sensor  PanasonicUS$1,136.36
 GX-112MA  Proximity  Sensor GX-112MAUS$10.23
 GX-8M  Proximity  Sensor GX-8MUS$65.91
  Sensor EX-42 EX-42US$63.64
 FT-Z30E  fibre-optical  Sensor US$56.82
 GX-F8B-P  Proximity  Sensor GX-F8B-P  output  PNPUS$20.45
 GX-8MUB  Sensor GX-8MUB New & Origin  US$36.36
 PM-L45/PM-T45  photoelectric  Sensor PM-L45/PM-T45US$6.36
 ER-Q  US$340.91
  photoelectric  Sensor EX-14A  EX-14A  New & Origin  US$20.45
 FD-31/FD-41  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-31/FD-41US$17.73
 GX-108MLA  Proximity  Sensor GX-108MLAUS$17.05
 GXL-8HU   Sensor GXL-8HU New & Origin  US$34.09
 PM-T45-P/PM-L45-P/PM-L25-P  photoelectric  Sensor PNP output US$10.23
 NA2-N12 US$136.36
 EQ-502T photoelectric  Sensor EQ-502T New & Origin  US$159.09
 CN-HS-C3/CN-HS-C7 Laser  Displacement  Sensor  CN-HS-C7US$45.45
 GX-108MA  Proximity  Sensor GX-108MAUS$17.73
  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HL-G112-S-J  HL-G112-S-JUS$768.18
Panasonic FX-MR1US$20.00
 GX-112MLA-P  Proximity  Sensor GX-112MLA-PUS$20.00
 AFPX0L60MR-F FP-X0 L60MR   New & Origin  L60MRUS$231.82
 GX-18MLU  Proximity  Sensor GX-18MLUUS$42.05
 PM-T65W PM-L25/PM-R25  photoelectric  Sensor US$6.36
 PM-F25-R/PM-R25-R  photoelectric  Sensor PM-R25-R/PM-F25-RUS$17.05
 HG-SC101-P  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HG-SC101-P  PNPUS$250.00
 HG-SC101  Laser  Displacement  Sensor HG-SC101US$227.27
 EX-L262  Laser  Displacement  Sensor EX-L262US$147.73
 FX-501-C2 US$34.09
 FX-101-CC2/FX-102-CC2 US$22.73
 GX-118MA/GX-108MKA  Proximity  Sensor GX-118MA/108MKAUS$11.82
  Sensor EX-11EA原SUNX EX-11EA EX-11EAD/EX-11EPUS$29.55
 FD-S32/FT-S21  fibre-optical  Sensor FD-S32/FT-S21US$34.09
 EX-23-PN EX-26A-PN EX-31A-PN SUNX  photoelectric  switch  US$68.18
 EX-23/EX-33/EX-44 SUNX photoelectric  switch   Sensor EX-23US$50.00
 RX-D700 RX-M50( RX-M50D/RX-M50P)US$113.64
 DP-001/101/102  Pressure Sensor DP-001 DP-101 DP-102US$20.45
 FT-A11/FT-E23  fibre-optical  Sensor FT-A11 FT-E23US$68.18
 FD-62/FD-EG31/FDP-1500/FDP-1000  fibre-optical  Sensor US$32.95
 EX-11A(EX-11AD/EX-11P) EX-11B(EX-11BD/EX-11P)SUNX photoelectric US$29.55
 PM-F45/R45/Y45/K45 US$6.82
 CZ-171A/CZ-171B  photoelectric  Sensor CZ-171A/CZ-171BUS$36.36
 CX-482/CX-483 SUNX  Sensor CX-482/483US$43.18
  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-H48US$954.55
 EX-L211(EX-L211D/EX-L211E) US$102.27
 PM-U25/PM-F25/PM-L25/PM-R25 US$6.82
  photoelectric  Sensor EQ-502/EQ-512/EQ-511/EQ-501 US$102.27
 DP-101A/DP-102A/DP-101/DP-102  Pressure Sensor DP-102AUS$30.68
 CX-423/CX-491/CX-425 SUNX CX-423/491/425US$20.23
 TH638 TH641 US$31.82
  Sensor SF4B-H28(V2) SF4B-H28 New & Origin  US$556.82
 EX-24A/EX-24B SUNX  photoelectric  switch  EX-24A/24BUS$37.50
 EX-19A(EX-19AD/19P) EX-19B(EX-19BD/19P)SUNX photoelectric  switch  US$61.36
 PM2-LH10/PM2-LF10/PM2-LL10/PM2-LH10B  photoelectric  Sensor US$20.45
 EQ-34-J/EQ-34  photoelectric  Sensor EQ-34-J/EQ-34US$68.18
 HG-C1050  Laser  Displacement  Sensor US$215.91
  Sensor NX5-D700A/NX5-D700BUS$36.36
 NA40-4 NA40-MUDUS$284.09
 NA2-N12-PN SUNX  NA2-N12D/N12P-PN  output PNPUS$181.82
 NX5-M10RA(NX5-M10RAD/M10RP) NX5-M10RB(NX5-M10RBD/RPUS$39.77
 NA40-CC3/NA40-CC7 NA40-4/8/10/12/16/20US$59.09
 NX5-M30A(NX5-M30AD/M30P) NX5-M30B(NX5-M30BD/M30P)US$45.45
 NX5-RM7A/NX5-RM7B  photoelectric  Sensor NX5-RM7A/RM7BUS$50.00
GX-5SU  Proximity  switch    Sensor US$50.00
 AIG12GQ12D US$313.64
FPG-PP12 AFPG432 US$340.91
 GX-108MKA  Proximity  Sensor GX-108MKAUS$20.45
 GXL-15FLUB  Proximity  Sensor GXL-15FLUBUS$43.18
GXL-15FLU    Proximity  switch  GXL-15FLU  Sensor US$40.91
 GX-F15A   Sensor GX-F15A New & Origin  US$19.32
 PM-R45  Sensor PM-R45US$6.82
    Proximity  switch   GX-H8A-P US$22.73
 GX-H12A   Sensor GX-H12AUS$17.05
 GX-F12BI  SUNX Proximity  switchUS$29.55
 GX-8MLU  Sensor GX-8MLU New & Origin  US$40.91
 GX-8M-R   Proximity  Sensor SUNX  Proximity  switch US$109.09
 GX-F12A-P  Proximity  Sensor GX-F12A-P  output PNPUS$14.77
Panasonic/  Proximity  switch   GX-N12ML GX-N12MLUS$42.05
 GD-20  Sensor GD-20D/GD-20PUS$363.64
 PM-K45 photoelectric  Sensor PM-K45US$6.14
  GXL-15FU  Sensor GXL-15FU New & Origin  US$34.09
 GX-8MU  SUNX  Proximity  switchUS$34.09
 SF4B-F23  Light Curtain  Sensor SF4B-F23US$909.09
  Pressure Sensor DP-102-M  DP-102-M  PanasonicUS$45.45
  Sensor PM-Y45  photoelectric  Sensor PM-Y45US$6.36
 GX-118MA  Proximity  Sensor GX-118MAUS$10.23
 GX-F15B-P-C5  Proximity  Sensor SUNX  Proximity  switch   PNP output US$36.36
  Sensor GX-F8A  GX-F8A US$11.36
 GX-12MLUB   Sensor GX-12MLUB New & Origin  US$52.27
 GL-18H   Sensor GL-18HUS$10.23
 GL-18HL PANASONIC Proximity  Sensor GL-18HLUS$13.18
 GX-F8B-P/GX-F12BI  Proximity  Sensor GX-F8B-P/GX-F12BIUS$20.45