Panasonic FX-501 Digital Fiber Sensor Amplifier

  • Price in USD 33.00
  • the delivery time in 3 days after the payment.
  • 12 to 24 V DC
  • IP40 (IEC)
  • Net weight: 15 g approx.
    Gross weight: 70 g approx.


Type Standard type 2-output type Cable type
Model number NPN output FX-501 FX-502 FX-505-C2
PNP output FX-501P FX-502P FX-505P-C2
Supply voltage 12 to 24V DC % (+10%/-10%), ripple P-P10% or less
Power consumption Normal operation: 960mW or less (current consumption 40mA or less at 24V supply voltage) Eco mode: 680mW or less (current consumption 28mA or less at 24V supply voltage)
Response time H-SP: 25μs or less, FAST: 60μs or less, STD: 250μs or less, LONG: 2ms or less, U-LG: 4ms or less, HYPR: 24ms or less
Cable Cables are not supplied with the product. Select cables from the table below, 0.2 mm2 6-core cab tire cable, 2m
Weight (main body only) Approx. 15g Approx. 60g
Accessory FX-MB1 (Amplifier protection seal): 1 set.