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RSLogix 5000 version 17 or greater must be used for the 1734-AENTR

Add-on Profile. The adapters will accept I/O connections with the electronic keying. This allows the adapter to be used in a daisy-chain topology with the profile.

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The 1734-AENTR adapters will accept I/O connections with the electronic keying . This allows the 1734 AENTR adapter to be used in a daisy-chain topology with profile used.

1734-AENTR Specifications:

Attribute Value
Expansion I/O capacity •  63 modules max

•  5 rack optimized connections (for digital modules only) max

•  20 direct connections max

•  1734-AENTR backplane current output = 0.8 A.

•  Actual number of modules can vary.

•  Add up current requirements of modules you want to use to make sure they do not exceed the amperage limit of 0.8 A for the 1734-AENTR adapter.

•  Backplane current can be extended beyond 0.8 A by using 1734-EP24DC backplane extension power supplies.

•  Add multiple 1734-EP24DC modules to reach the 63 module max.

1734-AENTR POINTBus current requirements •  75 mA (Catalog numbers 1734-IB2, 1734-IB4,

1734-IB8, 1734-IV2, 1734-OB2, 1734-OB4, 1734-OB8,

1734-OB2E, 1734-OB2EP, 1734-OB4E, 1734-OB8E,

1734-OV2E, 1734-OV4E, 1734-IE2C, 1734-OE2C,

1734-IE2V, 1734-OE2V, 1734-IA2, 1734-IM2,

1734-OA2, 1734-232ASC, 1734-485ASC)

•  80 mA (Catalog number 1734-OW2)

•  100 mA (Catalog number 1734-OX2)

•  110 mA (Catalog number 1734-SSI)

•  160 mA (Catalog number 1734-IJ2)

•  175 mA (Catalog number 1734-IT2I)

•  180 mA (Catalog number 1734-VHSC5, 1734-VHSC24)

•  220 mA (Catalog number 1734-IR2)

 1734-AENTR Module location Starter module – left side of the 1734 system

 Wire size

  1. Power connections: 0.34… 2.1 mm² (22…14 AWG) solid or stranded copper.
  2. Ethernet connections: RJ-45 connector according to IEC 60603-7, 2 or 4 pair Category 5e minimum cable according to TIA 568-B.1 or Category 5 cable according to ISO/IEC 24702

the adapter’s default IP address is (where xxx represents the number set on the switches).

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POINT I/O Selection Guide


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