SLC 500 System I/O Modules and Hardware Analog Input Module: 1746-NI8


Model 1746-NI8
Current 200 mA at 5V dc
100 mA at 24V dc
Power 3.4W maximum (1.0W at 5V dc, 2.4W at 24V dc)
Channels Number 8 (backplane isolated)
Location of I/O Chassis Any I/O module slot except slot 0
Method of A/D Conversion Successive appoximation, switched capacitor
Filtering of Input Low-pass digital filter with programmable filter frequencies
Rejection of Normal Mode Provided by low-pass filter
Rejection of Common Mode Greater than or equal to 75 dB at DC
Greater than or equal to 100 dB at 50/60 Hz
Frequencies of Input Filter 1 Hz 2Hz 5Hz 10Hz 20Hz 50Hz 75Hz
Calibration The module performs continuous autocalibration
Isolation 500V dc continuous between the analog inputs and the backplane
530V ac and 750V dc pulse withstand for one second
Voltage Range of Common-Mode ±10.5V (15V maximum between any two terminals)

1746 NI8

1746 Analog Iutput Modules

Model  Inputs Number Current Bandwidth Step Update Resolution (bits), Max.⋆
Response Period
at 95%
1746-NI4 4 inputs (±10V DC, ±20 mA) 25 mA at 5V DC 10 Hz 60 ms 512 ms 16 bits
85 mA at 24V DC
1746-NI8 8 inputs (±10V DC, ±20 mA) 200 mA at 5V DC 1…75 Hz 0.75…730 ms at 99%‡ 6 ms / 8 chan 16 bits
100 mA at 24V DC
1746-NI16I 16 inputs (±20 mA, 4…20 mA, 0…1 mA, or 0…20 mA) 125 mA at 5V DC 6…250 Hz 9…630 ms‡ 16 bits
75 mA at 24V DC
1746-NI16V 16 inputs (±10V DC, 1…5V DC, 0…5V DC, or 0…10V DC) 125 mA at 5V DC 6…250 Hz 9…630 ms‡ 16 bits
75 mA at 24V DC