1783-US5T Allen-Bradley Stratix Ethernet Device the price is USD 90.00. the delivery time is in 3 days after the payment. 7 days arrive all over the world


1783-US5T Stratix Ethernet Device Switch, Unmanaged, 5 Ports, RJ45 Copper, AC or DC.

  1. Stratix® 2000 Switches (1783-US),
  2. Stratix 2500 Switches (1783-LMS),
  3. Stratix 6000 Switches (1783-EMS)
  4. Stratix 5400 Switches (1783-HMS),
  5. Stratix 5410 Switches (1783-IMS),
  6. Stratix 5700 Switches (1783-BMS)
  7. ArmorStratix™ 5700 Switches (1783-ZMS),
  8. Stratix 8000 and 8300 Switches (1783-MS, 1783-RMS, 1783-MX)
  9. Stratix 5100 Wireless Access Point/Workgroup Bridge (1783-WAP),
  10. Stratix 5900 Services Router (1783-SR)
    Stratix 5950 Security Appliance (1783-SAD), Embedded Switch Technology (1783-ETAP), Configurable NAT Router (1783-NATR)


1783-US5T Stratix Ethernet Device Specifications

Model 1783-US5T/B 1783-US5TG/B 1783-US4T1F/B, 1783-US8T/B 1783-US6T2H/B, 1783-US6T2TG2F/B, 1783-US8TG2GX/B 1783-US16T/B 1783-US16T2S/B
Inrush current, max 1.85 A 0.33 A 1.69 A 1.31 A 0.41 A 1.83 A 0.55 A 0.47 A 1.63 A
Power input 24V (12…48V DC, 18…30V AC, 50/60 Hz), SELV
Power consumption 3.4 W 4.5 W 3.4 W 4.6 W 4.6 W 7.5 W 10 W 8.0 W 8.0 W
Wire size, ground connection 2.5 mm2 (14 AWG) copper wire suitable for 86 °C (187 °F) above surrounding ambient temperature outside the enclosure, with a suitable ring terminal
Wire size, DC power connection 4…0.25 mm2 (12…24 AWG) twisted-pair copper wire suitable for 86 °C (187 °F) above surrounding ambient temperature outside the enclosure
1783-NATR US$946.97
1783-EMS08T 1783-EMSO8T Stratix 6000 8 port Managed Switch US$1,170.45
1783-BMS06TL Stratix 5700 6 Port Managed Switch US$916.67
1783-NATR Configurable NAT router AB Module Rockwell PLC US$842.61
1783-US5T Origin and New Stock Rockwell US$177.08
1783-US16T Stratix 2000 16T Port ABROCKWELL US$526.52
2OACO15AOAYNANCO 2O94-BMO2-M 1783-MXO8T US$18.75
1783-SAD2T2SBK9 US$18.75
1783-HMS16T4CGN US$18.75
1783-ZMS8T8E2TGP US$18.75
1783-IMS28NDC US$20.45



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