Modicon M221 Logic controller

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Schneider Electric  TM221CE40R -Logic controller M221 40 IO relay Ethernet.

  1. rated supply voltage:100…240 VAC
  2. discrete input number :24, discrete input IEC 61131-2 Type 1
  3. analogue input number: 2 0…10 V
  4. discrete output type:Relay normally open
  5. discrete output number:16 relay
  6. discrete output current:2 A


Additional information

Model Number:

TM221C16R, TM221C16T, TM221C16U, TM221C24R, TM221C24T, TM221C24U, TM221C40R, TM221C40T, TM221C40U, TM221CE16R, TM221CE16T


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