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Description: 1746 SLC System  SLC 5/05 Controller – 16K Memory.

The SLC 5/05 processor provides the same functionality as the SLC 5/04 processor with standard Ethernet communications rather than DH+ communications. Ethernet communication occurs at 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, providing a high performance network for program upload/download, online editing, and peer-to-peer messaging. Modular I/O systems can be configured with a maximum of 3 chassis (30 total slots) and from 4 I/O
points to a maximum of 4096 I/O points.

SLC 500 Modular Controllers Specifications 1747-L551

Specification SLC 5/05(3) AB PLC
Catalog Number 1747- 1747-L551 1747-L552 1747-L553
Memory Size (Words) 16 K 32 K 64 K
Backplane Current (mA) 1000 mA
@ 5V
Backplane Current (mA) 200 mA
@ 24V
Digital I/O, max 8192
Local chassis/slots, max.  3/30
On-board communications Ethernet and RS-232
Optional memory module Flash EEPROM
Programming RSLogix 500
Programming  Instructions 107
Typical Scan Time(1) 0.9 ms/K
Program scan hold-up time after loss of power 20 ms…3 s (dependent on power supply loading)
Bit Execution (XIC) 0.37 μs
Clock/calendar accuracy ±54 seconds/month @ 25 °C (77 °F)
±81 seconds/month @ 60 °C (140°F)

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