1756-OF8 Allen-Bradley Non-isolated Analog Output Modules

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1756-OF8 Allen-Bradley Non-isolated Analog Output Modules

  1. Eight voltages or current
  2. 15 bits across 21 mA – 650 nA/bit
    15 bits across 10.4V – 320 V/bit
  3. Backplane: 5.1V DC, 150 mA max, 24V DC, 210 mA max
    Output Voltage: -10…+10V
    Output Current: 4…20mA
  4. Removable terminal block 1756-TBNH 1756-TBSH
  5. Module scan time, min 12 ms floating point 8 ms integer

Wire the 1756-OF8 Module

The illustration shows wiring examples for the 1756-OF8 module

1756-OF8 – Voltage Applications

Available 1756-OF8 I/O Modules

I/O Type Input Output
AC digital 1756-IA8D 1756-OA8
1756-IA16, 1756-IA16K 1756-OA8D
1756-IA16I, 1756-IA16IK 1756-OA8E
1756-IA32, 1756-IA32K 1756-OA16, 1756-OA16K
1756-IM16I, 1756-IM16IK 1756-OA16I, 1756-OA16IK
1756-IN16 1756-ON8
DC digital 1756-IB16, 1756-IB16K 1756-OB8EI
1756-IB16D, 1756-IB16DK 1756-OB8I
1756-IB16I, 1756-IB16IK 1756-OB16D, 1756-OB16DK
1756-IB16IF, 1756-IB16IFK 1756-OB16E, 1756-OB16EK
1756-IB16ISOE, 1756-IB16ISOEK 1756-OB16I
1756-IB32, 1756-IB32K 1756-OB16IEF, 1756-OB16IEFK
1756-IC16 1756-OB16IEFS
1756-IG16 1756-OB16IS
1756-IH16I 1756-OB32, 1756-OB32K
1756-IH16ISOE 1756-OC8
1756-IV16, 1756-IV16K 1756-OG16
1756-IV32, 1756-IV32K 1756-OH8I
Contact 1756-OW16I
Analog 1756-IF6I
1756-IF8, 1756-IF8K 1756-OF4, 1756-OF4K
1756-IF8I, 1756-IF8IK 1756-OF6CI
1756-IF16, 1756-IF16K 1756-OF6VI
1756-IF4FXOF2F, 1756-IF4FXOF2FK 1756-of8, 1756-OF8K
1756-IR6I 1756-OF8I, 1756-OF8IK
1756-IRT8I, 1756-IRT8IK
1756-IR12, 1756-IR12K
1756-IT16, 1756-IT16K
HART interface 1756-IF8H, 1756-IF8HK 1756-OF8H, 1756-OF8HK
1756-IF8IH, 1756-IF8IHK 1756-OF8IH, 1756-OF8IHK
1756-IF16H, 1756-IF16HK
1756-IF16IH, 1756-IF16IHK
Specialty 1756-CFM 1756-LSC8XIB8I, 1756-LSC8XIB8IK
1756-CMS1B1, 1756-CMS1C1 1756-PLS



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