6ed1052 1md00 0ba8Siemens Logo Controller:6ed1052 1md00 0ba8
LOGO! 12/24RCE,logic module,display PS/I/O: 12/24VDC/relay, 8 DI (4AI)/4DO, memory 400 blocks, modular expandable, Ethernet integr. web server, data log, standard microSD card for LOGO! SOFT Comfort V8 or higher older projects executable

Price ex-work: USD 100.00

6ED1052-1MD00-0BA8 Delivery Information:

Delivery information 6ED1052-1MD00-0BA8
Standard lead time ex-works 1 Day/Days
Net Weight (kg) 0,296 Kg
Packaging Dimension (cm) 8,40 x 10,30 x 7,60
Country of origin China
Successor 6ED1052-1MD08-0BA0

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Successor Model 6ED1052-1MD08-0BA0

Model Price
6ED1055-1FB10-0BA2 US$105.45
6ED1055-1MA00-0BA2 US$78.85
6ED1055-1HB00-0BA2 US$65.55
6ED1055-1MA00-0BA0 US$71.25
6ED1055-1CB10-0BA2 US$98.80
6ED1052-2MD00-0BA8 US$95.95
6ED1055-1FB00-0BA2 US$65.55
6ED1052-2FB00-0BA8 US$96.90
6ED1055-1CB00-0BA2 US$59.85
6ED1055-1MB00-0BA1 US$58.90
6ED1052-2MD00-0BA6 US$76.95
6ED1052-1MD00-0BA8 US$122.55
6ED1052-2FB00-0BA6 US$93.10
6ED1052-2CC01-0BA6 US$88.35
6ED1052-1HB00-0BA8 US$118.75
6ED1052-1FB00-0BA8 US$121.60
6ED1052-1HB00-0BA6 US$101.65
6ED1052-1MD00-0BA6 US$114.00
6E7953-8LJ30-0AA0 US$199.50
6ED1052-1CC01-0BA8 US$105.45