6ep1334 2ba20Siemens SITOP power supply 6ep1334 2ba20

Data sheet:

SITOP PSU100S 24 V/10 A Stabilized power supply input: 120/230 V AC, output: DC 24 V/10 A.

PRICE: USD 240.00



Delivery information:

Delivery time 3 days
Standard lead time ex-works 1 Day/Days
Net Weight (kg) 0,7 Kg
Packaging Dimension(mm) 14,00 x 14,00 x 8,00
Package size unit of measure CM
Quantity Unit 1 Piece
Packaging Quantity 1
Export Control Regulations AL : N / ECCN : N

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SITOP PSU300M 24 V/40 A: 6EP1437-3BA10 USD410.00
SITOP POWER 24 V/5 A, FLAT DESIGN: 6EP1333-1AL12 USD210.00
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SITOP POWER 24 V/10 A, FLAT DESIGN: 6EP1334-1AL12 USD270.00
SITOP POWER 24 V/0.5 A: 6EP1331-2BA10 USD60.00
SITOP MODULAR 24 V/5 A: 6EP1333-3BA00 USD210.00
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SIEMENS SITOP MODULAR 24 V/20 A: 6EP1336-3BA00 USD260.00