one kind of Omron photoelectric sensors with Built-in Amplifier. E3Z-T61

known as popular models in the factory industrial automation industry. The Manufacturer Omron can sell 1 million Every year.

because it is the most popular built-in amplifier sensor models in the we can send you with a very competitive price and fast delivery time.

Therefore many field like SMT industry, Automatic Car park Control System, thief proof system etc use it.

Model E3Z-T61 Performance

Sensing method Through-beam
Model NPN  Pre-wired E3Z-T61 E3Z-T62 E3Z-T61A
output Connector  E3Z-T66 E3Z-T67 E3Z-T66A
PNP  Pre-wired E3Z-T81 E3Z-T82 E3Z-T81A
output Connector  E3Z-T86 E3Z-T87 E3Z-T86A
Sensing distance 15 m 30 m 10 m
Spot diameter  (reference value)
Standard sensing object min. diameter: 12-mm
Price USD 15.00
Country Of Origin China
Minimum detectable object  (reference value)
Directional angle From receiver to emitter
3 to 15°
Light source (wavelength) Infrared LED Red LED
(870 nm) (660 nm)
Current consumption 35 mA max. (Emitter: 15 mA
max., Receiver: 20 mA max.)
Protection circuits Reversed power supply protection
Output short-circuit protection
and Reversed output protection
Response time Operate Operate
or reset: or reset:
1 ms 2 ms
max. max.
Degree of protection IEC, IP67
Connection method Pre-wired cable
Weight  Pre-wired cable  Approx. 120 g
(packed  (2 m)
state) Connector Approx. 30 g
Material Case
Lens Modified polyarylate

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