FD-43GPansonic Sunx Coaxial Reflective Fibre FD-43G.

2m length, M4, 0.3mm diamter. the delivery time in 24 hours after the payment. price in USD 38.00





FD-43G Data Sheet

Item Specifications
Product Number FD-43G  FD-61
Part Number FD-43G
Sensing mode Reflective type
Fiber type Threaded type
Fiber head dia. M4
Fiber head length 25mm
With sleeve No
Beam direction Top-view
Beam axis accuracy : Beam axis position
Beam axis accuracy : Beam axis Inclination
Fiber cable length 2m
Allowable bending radius R25mm
Free-cut Available
Mounting lens Not available
Cover Available
Mounting protective tube Not available
Application General-purpose
Environmental resistance : Protection
Environmental resistance : Ambient temperature MAX 70℃
Environmental resistance : Ambient temperature MIN -40℃
Sensing range(STD) 140mm (FX-500 Sereis)
Sensing range(HYPR) 550mm (FX-500 Sereis)
Sensing range(U-LG) 330mm (FX-500 Sereis)
Sensing range(LONG) 270mm (FX-500 Sereis)
Sensing range(FAST) 80mm (FX-500 Sereis)
Sensing range(H-SP) 27mm (FX-500 Sereis)