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Mean Well Power Supply

Products Line in 2017:

  • AC/DC Enclosed
  • Din Rail
  • Modular Power
  • LED Power
  • 19”Rack Power
  • Open Frame
  • Adaptor
  • DC/DC Converter
  • Charger
  • DC/AC Inverter

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Mean Well Switching Power Supply Model List in Normal Use

S-150-24 150W, S-100F-24 100W, S-250-24 250W,T-60B 60W,T-40B 40W,D-120B ,ID-60B,D-60B,S-320-24 320W,S-240-24 240W,S-210-24 210W ,S-100F-24 100W,S-60-24 60W,S-25-24,SE-1500-24 1500W

Enclosed Switching Power Supply

Power supplies from 15W to 350W,60w, 150w

AC input voltage range:85~264VAC; 120~370VDC.12V,24V.

single output.

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mean well power supply how to connecting

Take the 3-core power cable with plug, and connect each cable to the correct matching connection.

  1. The Brown cable should be wired to the L connection,
  2. and the Blue cable to the N connection.
  3. Finally, the Green/Yellow connects to the ground connection.
If the colours of your wires are di¬erent then you should use a voltmeter to check what is the polarity (live, neutral or ground). If you still do not know how to do this then contact an electrician.