QD 62 (DC input sinking output type) performance specifications

Counting speed switch settings200 k (100 k to 200 kPPS)100 k (10 k to 100 kPPS)10 k (10 kPPS or less)
I/O occupied points16 points (I/O assignment: Intelligent 16 points)
Number of channels2 channels
Signal level (f A, f B)5/12/24 V DC  2 to 5 mA
Counting range32-bit signed binary values (-2147483648 to 2147483647)
External input5/12/24 V DC
External outputTransistor (sinking type) output: 2 points/channel 12/24 V DC   0.5 A/point   2 A/common
Weight0.11 kg

High-Speed Counter Module

Name Q series
Model No:QD62
Price:USD 448.00
Packing Details:Standard
Place of Origin:Japan
Minimum Order Quantity1
Delivery Time:3 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT or Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 PCs
Detailed Product Description:High-Speed Counter Module