QJ 71PB92V QJ71PB92V PROFIBUS-DP V1 and V2 Device Level Network Master Module. Supports the more recent PROFIBUS-DPV1 and V2 advanced function set.

QJ71PB92V  Order Information:

Price USD 650.00
Size 98.00×28.00×90.00cm
Weight 0.15kg

Data sheet PROFIBUS-DP Master Module Performance Specifications

Model Number QJ71PB92V
Max. No. Slave Stations 125 slaves per single QJ71PB92V master
I/O Data Size Max. 8192 words (4096 input words, 4096 output words)
I/O Device Points Occupied 32 points
5VDC Internal Current Consumption 0.57A
PROFIBUS-DP Station Type Class 1 master station
External Standard and Characteristics EIA-RS485 compatible
Communication Cable Shielded twisted pair cable
Network Configuration Bus type (tree type if repeater is used)
Max. No. of Repeaters In a Path 3 repeaters
Max. No. of Stations 32 stations per segment (including repeaters)
Stocked Item S
Certification UL • cUL • CE

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