Allen Bradley Terminal Block 1756-TBCH 1756-TBNH



1756-TBCHAllen Bradley Terminal Block 1756-TBCH 1756-TBNH.

The ControlLogix system has been agency certified using only the ControlLogix RTB catalog numbers 1756-TBCH, 1756-TBNH, 1756-TBSH, and 1756- Any application that requires agency certification of the ControlLogix system using other wiring termination methods may require application-specific approval by the certifying agency.




Allen Bradley Terminal Block 1756-TBCH 1756-TBNH Data

Cat. No. RTB Type Wire Capacity Number of Wires
1756-TBNH NEMA clamp Standard-depth 336 mm2 (0.52 in.2) 36…18 AWG wires 23…14 AWG wires
1756-TBSH Spring clamp (20-position)
1756-TBCH Cage clamp
1756-TBS6H Spring clamp (36-position)
1756-TBE Any RTB that uses heavy gauge wiring Extended-depth 628 mm2 (0.97 in.2) 40…18 AWG wires


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