FX2NMitsubishi PLC FX2N series were launched in the market in 2000’s.

Now the series  has already been one kind of discontinued product, its suggested replacement model is FX3U.

but now its extension module or function module still can be bought in the market. like:FX2N-8ER.:FX2N-16EX,FX2N-48MR,FX2N-4AD-PT,FX2N-10GM Etc.

you can use FX3U to change the model FX2N series but not completely same. When changing it to FX3U series main units, the expansion equipment and option equipment must be replaced at the same time.


FX2N MODULEThe MELSEC FX family includes a very comprehensive range of base and expan- sion modules, enabling you to configure a customised system tailored to your precise requirements.

Depending on your application and control needs you can choose from the small, attractively-priced, “stand-alone” Products

All modules are electrically isolated from their environment with optocouplers maximum reliability

  1. Digital I/O modules

For a variety of signal levels with relay or transistor switches Communications modules

  1. Interface modules

With RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interfaces for the connection of peripherals and PLC–PLC links. Network modules for Profibus, AS-I, GSM and for the configuration of proprietary Mitsubishi networks

  1. Positioning modules

High-speed counter modules with support for the connection of incremental rotary transducers and positioning modules

For servo and stepping motor drives.

  1. Analog I/O modules

For processing current/voltage signals and temperature registration with a direct connection option for Pt100 resistance Thermometers and thermocouples.

Special features:

  1. Expandable from 10 – 256 I/Os
  2. Compact, robust design
  3. Extensive communications support
  4. Simple installation
  5. Custom configuration for the needs of existing systems
  6. Innovative, “future-proof” technology protects your investment
  7. Worldwide standards
  8. Quality products manufactured in facilities with ISO 9001 certified quality management systems and subject to special manufacturers’ standards

FX2N Series model list & Price List

Condition: 100% new & original

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery time: 2-3 days after the payment Payment terms: TT/Western Union/RMB

Model Recommended replacement model I/O Power Output Type Price
FX2N-16MR-001 FX3U-16MR-001 16 100-240 Vac Relay USD 115
FX2N-32MR-001 FX3U-32MR-001 32 100-240 Vac Relay USD 135
FX2N-48MR-001 FX3U-48MR-001 48 100-240 Vac Relay USD 150
FX2N-64MR-001 FX3U-64MR-001 64 100-240 Vac Relay USD 160
FX2N-80MR-001 FX3U-80MR-001 80 100-240 Vac Relay USD 170
FX2N-128MR-001 FX3U-128MR-001 128 100-240 Vac Relay USD 220
FX2N-16MT-001 FX3U-16MT-001 16 100-240 Vac Transistor USD 115
FX2N-32MT-001 FX3U-32MT-001 32 100-240 Vac Transistor USD 135
FX2N-48MT-001 FX3U-48MT-001 48 100-240 Vac Transistor USD 150
FX2N-64MT-001 FX3U-64MT-001 64 100-240 Vac Transistor USD 160
FX2N-80MT-001 FX3U-80MT-001 80 100-240 Vac Transistor USD 170
FX2N-128MT-001 FX3U-128MT-001 128 100-240 Vac Transistor USD 220
FX2N-16MR-001 US$128.79 FX2N-48MR-ES/UL US$198.86
FX2N-16MT-001 US$128.79 FX2N-128MR-ES/UL US$321.97
FX2N-32MR-001 US$160.98 FX2N-32MR-ES/UL US$179.92
FX2N-32MT-001 US$164.77 FX2N-80MR-ES/UL US$255.68
FX2N-48MR-001 US$176.14 FX2N-16MR-ES/UL US$151.52
FX2N-48MT-001 US$179.92 FX2N-32MT-ES/UL US$179.92
FX2N-64MR-001 US$195.08 FX2N-48MT-ES/UL US$198.86
FX2N-64MT-001 US$198.86 FX2N-16MT-ES/UL US$151.52
FX2N-80MR-001 US$217.80 FX2N-64MT-ES/UL US$227.27
FX2N-80MT-001 US$221.59 FX2N-128MT-ES/UL US$325.76
FX2N-128MR-001 US$312.50 FX2N-80MT-ES/UL US$246.21
FX2N-128MT-001 US$316.29 FX2N-64MR-ES/UL US$217.80

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FX2N-8ETFrequently Asked Questions.

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