FX3U Series Programmable ControllersFX3U Series Programmable Controllers

1.BASIC Features

Up to 384 input/output points

Powered extension units/blocks that can be connected

Program memory 64K-step RAM memory

Operation instructions

Built-in RUN/STOP switch

Writing during RUN

Built-in clock function

Programming tool

Remote debugging of program

  1. Input/output high-speed processing functions of main unit
  • High-speed counter function
  • Pulse catch function
  • [Input interruption function (with delay function)]
  • Pulse output function
  1. Display functions (display module) FX3U-7DM
  2. Communication and network functions (RS-232C/RS-422/USB) Computer link Inverter communication
  3. Analog functions Voltage/current input


FX3U Series Programmable Controllers


ES-A means 220V power supply  DS means 24V power supply

AC Power Supply Type DC Power Supply Type Input points Output points Input Type Output Type
FX3U-16MR/ES-A FX3U-16MR/DS 8 8 DC 24V NPN/PNP Relay
FX3U-32MR/ES-A FX3U-32MR/DS 16 16 DC 24V NPN/PNP Relay
FX3U-48MR/ES-A FX3U-48MR/DS 24 24 DC 24V NPN/PNP Relay
FX3U-64MR/ES-A FX3U-64MR/DS 32 32 DC 24V NPN/PNP Relay
FX3U-80MR/ES-A FX3U-80MR/DS 40 40 DC 24V NPN/PNP Relay
FX3U-128MR/ES-A 64 64 DC 24V NPN/PNP Relay
FX3U-16MT/ES-A FX3U-16MT/DS 8 8 DC 24V NPN/PNP Transistor
FX3U-32MT/ES-A FX3U-32MT/DS 16 16 DC 24V NPN/PNP Transistor
FX3U-48MT/ES-A FX3U-48MT/DS 24 24 DC 24V NPN/PNP Transistor
FX3U-64MT/ES-A FX3U-64MT/DS 32 32 DC 24V NPN/PNP Transistor
FX3U-80MT/ES-A FX3U-80MT/DS 40 40 DC 24V NPN/PNP Transistor
FX3U-128MT/ES-A 64 64 DC 24V NPN/PNP Transistor


FX3U-16MR/ES-A US$123.11 FX3U-16MR/DS ( 24V ) US$178.03
FX3U-16MT/ES-A US$125.00 FX3U-16MT/DS ( 24V ) US$181.82
FX3U-32MR/ES-A US$157.20 FX3U-32MR/DS ( 24V ) US$223.48
FX3U-32MT/ES-A US$160.98 FX3U-32MT/DS ( 24V ) US$227.27
FX3U-48MR/ES-A US$166.67 FX3U-48MR/DS ( 24V ) US$238.64
FX3U-48MT/ES-A US$170.45 FX3U-48MT/DS ( 24V ) US$242.42
FX3U-64MR/ES-A US$189.39 FX3U-64MR/DS ( 24V ) US$276.52
FX3U-64MT/ES-A US$194.13 FX3U-64MT/DS ( 24V ) US$280.30
FX3U-80MR/ES-A US$213.07 FX3U-80MR/DS ( 24V ) US$299.24
FX3U-80MT/ES-A US$217.80 FX3U-80MT/DS ( 24V ) US$303.03
FX3U-128MR/ES-A US$310.61
FX3U-128MT/ES-A US$314.39