Q series : QJ71C24N, QJ71C24N R2, QJ71C24N-R4, QJ71C24, QJ71C24-R2

L series : LJ71C24, LJ71C24-R2

QnA series : AJ71QC24, AJ71QC24-R2, AJ71QC24-R4, A1SJ71QC24, A1SJ71QC24-R2, AJ71QC24N, AJ71QC24N-R2, AJ71QC24N-R4, A1SJ71QC24N1, A1SJ71QC24N1-R2, A1SJ71QC24N, A1SJ71QC24N-R2

Name Q series
Model No:QJ71C24N-R2
Price:USD 200.00
Packing Details:Standard
Place of Origin:Japan
Minimum Order Quantity1
Delivery Time:3 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT or Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 PCs
Detailed Product Description:Serial communication module
QJ71C24N R2


ItemQJ71C24N-R2 QJ71C24-R2 LJ71C24-R2
Modem functionAvailable
Interface that can use the modem functionRS-232
Linked operation between CH1 and CH2 of the Q series C24Not available
Communication methodFull-duplex communications
Synchronization methodAsynchronous method

PROFIBUS-DP Master Module QJ71PB92V